Karma for What? (Or, How Does One Sell an Engagement Ring?)

I’m sure many people can relate to the situation I was in just a few short weeks ago.  Been dating someone for years, feeling safe, comfortable, and solid in your relationship.  Get in to a sort of “routine” where you do the same things daily, hanging out together, going to bed together, watching your TV shows every week.  Hell, even get a dog that you both love and take care of together.

So you do what everyone else does when the relationship is going great and you are completely in love…you go have a ring custom designed and hand made to her exact specs.  You make plans to go talk to her parents for permission to propose, and you make the final arrangements to do an amazing proposal straight out of a movie on your upcoming vacation to Cancun.

And what do you get for all that?  You get told that apparently there are some issues that are too big to resolve that have now rendered you incompatible.  You get broken up with a few days before your 29th birthday and your 2 year anniversary.  Instead of spending those 2 awesome days celebrating, you spend them alone, miserable, with a set of rings you can’t bear to look at.

There are some things that can’t be forgiven.  This is one of them.  I can’t ever look at someone again who could do this to me.

I guess there’s still a good reason I tattooed “Better Off Alone” on my arm.  That’s pretty fucking emo, but hey, it’s true.

And seeing this from my never-to-be Mother in Law to my never-to-be sister in law really twisted the knife a bit


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