WTF Apple actually has great customer support!

Since I recently reclaimed my iPod Touch from someone whose name I never want to mention again, I had to unfortunately interact with iTunes and try to use the deadfful app store.  So I plugged in my iPod and fired up iTunes in order to install the Siruis app on my ipod.  When I click “download”, I get the message that my apple account has been deactivated.  WTF I never use the damn thing!  So I go to the apple support page and try to reset my account.  I reset the password 14 times but still nothing seems to be working.  Finally I send an email in to Apple support:

I get the following message when trying to download apps from the app store:

Your Apple ID has been disabled.

Contact iTunes Support at for assistance.

I have reset my password multiple times.

Please help!

Expecting to not hear back for a couple of days, I go on about my business.  A few hours later I receive the following message:

Dear Ian,

Welcome to iTunes Store Customer Support. My name is Tanzeem and I am glad to assist you.

I understand that you are unable to purchase from the iTunes Store as you are getting message about your account “” being disabled. I know how eager you are to have your account re-enabled. I will surely help you with this.

Ian, I investigated your account and found that your iTunes Store account was disabled due to a chargeback from PayPal. Those charges have been cleared, so I have reenabled your account. You should now be able to sign in to the iTunes Store using your account name and password.

If you no longer have the password for your account, you can reset it via Apple’s iForgot website:

Thank you for your understanding and for being a valued iTunes customer. We want your iTunes experience to be as enjoyable as possible.

Have a good day, Ian!


iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support

Wow!  The actually quickly identified and fixed my issue!   I was pretty stoked at this point, and wrote back saying thanks and how much I appreciated their quick attention to my problem.  Tanzeem quickly wrote back the funniest message of all:

Greetings Ian,

It’s Tanzeem again from iTunes Store Customer Support.

Ian, I just wanted to say that you are welcome. I am glad to hear that the issue has been resolved. I know first hand, how great it feels to get what you need, and to have things run smoothly.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

I wish you all the best and have a wonderful day, Ian!

I found this to be pretty funny, as I really didn’t expect great customer service from Apple, especially since I’m not a hipster sitting at Starbucks writing a screenplay on my macbook air, but their Indian support team was surprisingly helpful.  It was great to deal with someone who “knows first hand, how great it feels to get what you need, and to have things run smoothly”.

Way to go Apple!

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