Dying to Wake at JT’s with the Boneyard

A couple of shots from another great show at JT’s!  This time we were jamming with the Boneheads, and it was a blast.  Can’t go wrong with a “DYING TO BONE” show!

Karma for What? (Or, How Does One Sell an Engagement Ring?)

I’m sure many people can relate to the situation I was in just a few short weeks ago.  Been dating someone for years, feeling safe, comfortable, and solid in your relationship.  Get in to a sort of “routine”… Read More

WordPress TimThumb.php Exploit is a complete Bitch to Remove!

So I hate to admit it, but most of the sites that we host were affected by what is to-date the gnarliest wordpress exploit I have ever seen.  We have been harrassed a few times by script douches… Read More