Crashing at Corral Canyon

A few weeks ago we took a great trip to Corral Canyon with Aaron, Jeff and Kaden.  Evan still had Cam’s KX250F so he had something to ride, and I was itching to try shooting some video with my new GoPro HD helmet cam.  I picked it up as an Amazon Gold Box deal during Christmas for like $160 and it was a hell of a deal.  I scrounged up a 32gb SD card at Frys so I could store enough video for a trip, and was super excited to record some 1080p ripping!


We loaded up and headed out on a Sunday morning with Kaden ready to try out his new CRF70 (with an 80cc kit) that Santa brought him last year.  He just grew up past his crf50 and was super excited to be able to keep up with the 450’s.  Pretty soon this kid will be outriding all of us!


Out of the hours of awesome video I collected, there were a couple great shots that really took the cake.  One incident I just happened to catch by accident.  We were gearing up for a ride, and everyone was on their bikes waiting for Jeff to get ready so we could roll out.  I had luckily happened to fire up the camera a few minutes before, and was just waiting to get riding.  I heard Jeff fire up his YZ250 and heard the two stroke whining like a little bitch.  Next thing I know I hear the the thing redlining, and the bike comes flying into my peripheral vision and then right in front of me, almost hitting Aaron who was just sitting on his CRF450R.  Don’t ask me how I managed to get this awesome incident on video, but luckily I did (and in full 1080p glory!).   Check this out:




This is why god made HD cameras!


Before we started riding, the guys were ripping on me for getting a camera.  Saying that since my crash at Gorman a year or so ago, I was a huge pussy, and  I just needed the camera to prove it.  I said thats exactly why I got the camera, so I could document all of my crashes.  I later came to regret that joke, because I seriously ended up using it to record my crashes.


Evan and I passed a group of FJ’s who were wheeling on some of the trails, and came to the top of a pretty steep mountain.  We began creeping down the steep side, and that’s when disaster struck.  I hit a soft patch of dirt and loose gravel and went straight down, jackknifing the front wheel.  To make matters even worse, the kill switch on my 2004 CRF450R had been shorting out, and causing the bike not to start.  So I had the kill switch unplugged so the bike would run.  However when I fell, the bike fell on me, pinning my right knee and foot down under the bike, with no way to move.  It took a good while to turn around and get the kill swith plugged in so I could stop the bike, and then luckily Evan was able to come back up and pull it off me.


Anyway, check out how stupid I am…




Since I got this awesome helmet cam, you can look forward to sweet HD videos of my misadventures for years to come! 🙂

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