ESET Aiding Terrorists?

ESET AndroidA good friend and ex-coworker of mine from my ESET days was wrapped up in a scandal around the downloading of NOD32 in Iran.  My buddy Charles noticed a massive increase in traffic coming from Iran, and increased downloads of security products.  He immediately brought this to the attention of company executives, and (not surprisingly) they failed to take any action.  Charles ended up being the whistleblower, bringing this to the attention of the US government when it was apparent that a large and noticeable amount of software had been downloaded in Iran, where current government requirements call for a license for all software sold (these copies may have been downloaded illegally).

Not surprisingly, Charles was fired soon thereafter.  I say not surprisingly, because many of my close friends and associates have been fired from the company for fairly ambiguous reasons.  There are quite a few people who I worked closely with that were fired without notice or warning, and in pretty underhanded ways.  A great friend of mine was literally tricked into walking into his “forced resignation”.  Our manager walked up to him and asked if he could join him in a meeting to go over some details on a current project – of course he complied and upon walking into the conference room he was surprised to find HR and executive team members waiting to walk him out.  The manager then closed the door and left, and he wasn’t even given a chance to collect his things.  Another good buddy was set up with an accusation of of falsifying timecards, and let go without a chance to prove otherwise (and no acknowledgement of the hours dedicated to overtime that he didn’t charge the company for)… I could go on for days with stories about the inner workings.  Things I definitely didn’t agree with or think were fair, but I doubt they are too interesting to anyone who wasn’t involved.

Please take a look and read through the article.  It’s pretty interesting, and gaining some publicity.  I certainly don’t wish anything negative for ESET, as I spent some great years there, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any merit to this story.  Its an interesting situation, and the tech community should be aware.

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