Manny will pinstripe anything!

So the other night, I took the old lady to dinner at Shogun the other night (that Benihana type place off the 163) and was sitting next to this dude who had a fake leg. We were having some drinks and got to bullshitting and he told us about a motorcycle accident and how his leg was trapped under the bike and they had to take it off completely. I was looking at his prosthetic, and it was a pretty sick carbon fiber looking deal with some awesome pinstriping.  Then I looked a little closer and started thinking that it looked pretty similar to the striping Manny did on my ’56. So I ask the guy the weirdest question I’ve probably ever asked… “hey man who did the pinstriping on your leg”. Turns out Manny Cisneros striped it – the same guy who did all the striping on my ’56! hahaha He was a cool guy, had a ’66 T-bird too that was apparently over at Hot Rod Jo’s over on Morena getting some work done.  Random!

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