1987 Harley Davidson Sportster 1100

A long time ago, my brother and I used to make some decent money buying and selling motorcycles off Craigslist.  In college we had a habit of checking the motorcycle section daily, and we would always find great bikes that were being given away (figuratively) because someone had no idea how to fix them.  Like the ’79 Honda Elsinore 250 dirt bike we picked up for $300 because the guy swore it wouldn’t run.  A fresh tank of gas and it was back on the road, and sold on Ebay for $1500!  Anyway, in recent years the motorcycle trade hasn’t been so lucrative.  I think with increasing gas prices, people are riding bikes more and they seem to be holding their value.

Well, that all changed the other day when Evan sent me a link to this ’87 Sportster 1100 that was listed for $2800.  He didn’t have any extra cash, but said I should check it out.  I emailed the dude and offered him $2k cash for it straight up, figuring it would be gone already.  I about shit myself when he called me the next morning and said come get it for $2k!  Evan ran up to O-side and picked it.  Apparently the guy was moving to Wyoming or something and just wanted it gone.  Also threw in 3 helmets and a nice motorcycle jack!  This is a hell of a deal as Harley’s hold their value ridiculously well, and late 80’s rides are still selling for around $4,500!  Not to mention this thing has a ton of aftermarket billet parts, straight pipes, custom mirrors…someone put some money into this ride at some point in its life.

It had been sitting for the past 4 years without running, so it took me the majority of the day today to go through it and do some much needed maintenance.  I did an oil change, new filter, drained and flushed the transmission, new gas, new battery…and she’s back on the road!  Just took it for a rip and this is a really fun riding bike that definitely turns some heads.  I don’t know if I will ever buy in to the whole Harley cult lifestyle…I just like motorcycles in general and am not really too particular to any certain brand.  But I’ll hold on to this one for a while and then maybe flip it for a decent profit, or who knows – might just keep it and add it to the stable!  Check out some pics and video here:

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