My Dad vs Clairemont

My dad was ranting this morning about the biodegradeable spoons at the yogurt shop in Clairemont.  Apparently they give you biodegradeable spoons made out of corn starch with your yogurt.  According to my dad, they have these stupid… Read More

Vintage Hot Rod Decals – Set 3

Part 3 of my Vintage Hot Rod logos series.  There are some good ones in here! PART 1 HERE PART 2 HERE From Vintage Hot Rod Decals From Vintage Hot Rod Decals

Motley Conversation

In preparation for the upcoming Motley Crue show at Cricket amphitheater that has all of us completely stoked out of our minds, Kaner and I have been having some excellent Crue-related conversations.  Enjoy: (11:32:51) Will Kaner: I’ve been… Read More