Mechs are Back at the Homefront

Exactly what PC gaming has been missing for years: another Mech game!  I don’t know what led Microsoft to abandon (after ruining) the Mechwarrior franchise years ago, but god damn what great games.


I read on reddit today an AmA from the sound designer of this new Indie developed game called HAWKEN.  This looks totally rad and I can’t wait until it comes out.  Done in a cool animated style, this game looks promising, and the trailer they just released leads me to believe its going to be an unbelievable game.  Check this out:


And while I’m on my favorite topic of video games, I’ve got to mention a quick review of HOMEFRONT.  This game is unbelieveable so far.  It’s literally like playing a Patrick Swayze Red Dawn simulator.  Even the high school mascot in the game is THE WOLVERINESHomefront

No surprise since the game and plot was written by the same guy who wrote Red Dawn.  They really went all out to make this authentic and enjoyable for anyone who loved that movie.  Many of the reviews said there wasn’t much substance and the game was over fairly quickly, but I don’t think its bad at all.  With as much time as I have to game, I’d rather it be shorter and manageable, and I love the storyline.  Now if only I had more time to get to everything else on my list:

  1. Dragon Age 2
  2. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
  3. Crysis 2 (badass!)
  4. Shift 2
  5. Shogun 2

I can dream that one day I’ll have time to catch up on my gaming!  In the meantime I’ll just keep trying to play for 30 minutes whenever I can find the time…

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