Tiger Blood Radio

I don’t know if this is awesome or pathetic that even Siruis/XM is on the Chuck Sheen bandwagon.  I received an email from Sirius over the weekend advertising a temporary special channel that promised to let you “Hear all about Charlie Sheen from every angle”.  Unfortunately I was out of town down in Mexico so I wasn’t able to tune in, but I heard it was mostly repetitive junk, just recycling the same shit that’s all over the news and shit.

Tune in to “Tiger Blood Radio,” a 24-hour limited run channel that will explore the breaking news, facts, fallout and career implications of the Charlie Sheen controversy.

“Tiger Blood Radio” will take listeners behind the headlines, exploring the media frenzy/media reaction, as well as the medical, psychological, psychiatric and pop culture and celebrity angles. Additionally, through a recap of news coverage, it will offer a timeline of recent events.

During the exclusive, limited run channel, SiriusXM listeners will hear archival Playboy Radio clips featuring “Goddess”/current live-in girlfriend Bree Olson, a Playboy Radio contributor. In addition, Sheen’s ex-fiancée/Spice Radio host Ginger Lynn shares stories of her relationship with him on Tiffany Granath’s Playboy Radio show; and adult film star Kacey Jordan talks to Playboy Radio’s Night Calls about her times with Sheen.

I normally can’t stand this hollywood gossip type bullshit, but I’ve got admit that watching Charlie Sheen self destruct over the past few weeks has been one of the most interesting meltdowns yet.  Even Brittany Spears getting knocked up by that white trash idiot and shaving her head can’t compare with this complete fucksplosion!  Charlie has always been one of my favorite actors, especially from the 80’s classic RED DAWN, and of course from his prime roles in the HOT SHOTS movies.  This guy is one of the best actors of our time, and to find out that he’s fuckin nuts and entertaining in real life on top of it is even better!

Let me put the finishing touch on these comments by sharing this little video with you.  WINNING!


  • Alicia

    “Fucksplosion” = most awesome word I have seen in a long time. Way to do it.

    • Anonymous

      Glad you like it Alicia! Feel free to re-use!

  • PJAM

    It was interesting at first. We all have meltdowns and
    Insane moments of clarity. He just has a boatload of
    Cash to pull it off Hugh Hefner and Tommy Lee times
    A thousand style. But after awhile, it becomes less
    Real and more media driven frenzy. And now with
    The internet, tmz, social media and old school media becoming
    Sensationalized media, Even Mr. Sheen himself
    Starts to play in on the PR. It becomes less about
    Him partying, living the life he wants, and going crazy and more about
    Everybody capitalizing on the frenzy.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s
    A smart PR move and to use it while it lasts is brilliant, but
    At a certain point it’s no longer a real meltdown anymore.
    It’s a PR frenzy for all involved. And just like most,
    His once craziness became another PR driven frenzy.

    • Anonymous

      Good points Pete. Its been an interesting ride watching Sheen implode. Seems to be dying out a bit now though, doesn’t it?

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