Mechs are Back at the Homefront

Exactly what PC gaming has been missing for years: another Mech game!  I don’t know what led Microsoft to abandon (after ruining) the Mechwarrior franchise years ago, but god damn what great games. I read on reddit today… Read More

The Adventures of Yung Joose and Dre Dollas

I’ve got quite a few friends on Facebook.  Most I know, some I don’t.  Recently, I stumbled across a few gents who reside in the “don’t” category.  But that’s not to say that I don’t want to stay… Read More

Tiger Blood Radio

I don’t know if this is awesome or pathetic that even Siruis/XM is on the Chuck Sheen bandwagon.  I received an email from Sirius over the weekend advertising a temporary special channel that promised to let you “Hear… Read More