Reviving the Chief

Its finally time.  I can’t put it off any longer.  If I don’t get the suspension rebuilt on the Chief, I doubt she’ll see the road again.  I parked her last a couple months ago and I really… Read More


Thats right – its back again this year!  Floatopia is now ROWTOPIA thanks to San Diego and their insanely ridiculous maritime drinking laws.  No longer is the beach fun, no longer can you drink like a normal, free… Read More

Quad vs Cactus

Poor Bastard…

Snug Life

Now that I have a partner in my love of Snuggies (HeyStephanie!), I’ve done a lot of thinking about the current popularity and unsure future of Snuggies.  Are these just going to be a temporary fad?  Or are… Read More

Border Run


httpv:// This is how I learned photoshop!

A Sweet Roadster For Sale

My dad sent over these shots of a badass old Ford Roadster that a friend is selling….hooooooooboy Anybody want to go in on this investment?  Its up for $11k! haha