Better Off Alone

I came across the directory I had stored all of the pictures of what was one of the best times of my life.  Better Off Alone was one of the best bands I’ve ever been in – definitely not on musical talent or quality, but in regards to plain old fun and rock and fuckin roll.  These guys were my best friends, we all lived together, partied together, worked together…they were like a family in one the most important, and toughest yet rewarding times of my life.  I learned a lot during my first few years away at college, and most of what I learned was due to playing music, touring, partying, occasionally going to school, but really just learning about life in general.  We didn’t have any money, and what little we did have we spent on guitar strings and beer, stayin up all night, meeting and chasing girls, and generally causing as much trouble as we possible could.  Some of these pictures are evidence of that…

If anybody is interested, I could even upload some of the shitty mp3’s we recorded in the Atari’s studio.

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