Classic Advertising – Why Can’t We Go Back To This?

I think there is a quite a bit that modern advertising could take from some of these classic ads.  They don’t treat the viewer (potential customer) like a complete fucking idiot.  They speak clearly, effectively, and highlight the important aspects of the product – and they really know how to push the futuristic styling of these sweet rides and appeal to the interest of the consumer.  Today’s car ads mostly seem like a full on attack on the viewer with techno music, hamsters driving cars and toasters, or just plain bad advertising:


Although, I guess since I’m entertained by a film as stupid as “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie“, which I’m watching now as I type this – I don’t know if I’m too well qualified to share opinions on video advertising.  What can I say, I’m just a mindless consumer…

Anyway, check out some of these awesome ads from the Internet Archive.  This is one of the best websites that shows all sorts of ads and classic video from years ago.   I would have loved to turn on the TV and see these kind of ads before watching my favorite weekly show…anything is better than the hundreds of commercials we sit through now.

There are tons more ads on the Internet Archive web site:

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