Car Town!

Ian Grist
heard you did some serious expansion
3:20 PM Casey James Cress
you need to set your eyes on my new flooring
3:20 PM come by the shop for a cold one real quick
3:20 PM Ian Grist
i hear its pretty patriotic
3:20 PMim at work
3:20 PMwill stop by after
3:20 PMaround 6
3:21 PM Casey James Cress
yeah… i had a guy come in over lunch and knock out the new flooring
3:21 PM Ian Grist
not bad
3:21 PMwhat kind of coin you drop on that
3:22 PM Casey James Cress
couple Gs. totally worth it
3:22 PM Ian Grist
3:22 PMyou earned all that cheddar
3:22 PM?
3:22 PM Casey James Cress
yep. been racin’ a lot
3:22 PM Ian Grist
ah nice
3:22 PMi better have some challenges waiting whwne i log on
3:22 PM Casey James Cress
my pinto has about 511 ponies under the hood right now
3:22 PM Ian Grist
3:23 PMyou pull the trigger on that silverado?
3:23 PM Casey James Cress
not yet. she’s still sitting in the lot. i figure im not going to drop much coin on that thing if ive gotta take it back to the dealer soon
3:24 PM Ian Grist
yeah no point trickin’ er out
3:24 PM Casey James Cress
might hold out for something bigger
3:24 PM Ian Grist
i dropped some serious scrill-la-la on my v-dub
3:25 PMyou might want to roll by the Grist Garage and check it out
3:25 PM24″ Mickey Thompson blacked out off road rims w/ 4″ wide white walls
3:25 PM Casey James Cress
im headed over now
3:26 PM Ian Grist
3:26 PMi expanded ops as well
3:26 PM Casey James Cress
you need to get some new tool cabs my man
3:27 PM Ian Grist
yeah i’ve been negotiating prices, plan on droppin a few craftsman 6-drawers in tonight
3:27 PMyou finish that slam job I put you on last night?
3:27 PMcustomer keeps calling me to see if his hydros are installed
3:27 PMi know we quoted 12 hours but come on
3:29 PM Casey James Cress
you’ve got evan on that slam job
3:29 PM i dont think i even work for you
3:29 PM you’re actually work on a slam kit for me right now
3:29 PM Ian Grist
not with that attitude, ill fire your ass
3:29 PMyou been workin for me since yesterday
3:29 PM Casey James Cress
hmmm… we’re on a road trip right now
3:29 PM Ian Grist
I got you slated for a wheel install tonight. Puttin 26″s on a caprice – a real Donk
3:29 PM Casey James Cress
hey..i gotta run
3:30 PM gotta pick up some parts
3:30 PM Ian Grist
aight, see you around the garage
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