Creative Names for the Most Abused Bathing Suit – The Banana Hammock

banana-hammockDon’t ask me how I got on the topic of creative alternative names for Speedo’s with my parents tonight, but we had a damn good laugh thinking of great names for the things.  After accusing my brother of loving dudes wearing “banana hammocks” and “grape smugglers” (my go-to hilarious names for speedo’s) I decided to perform a quick google search for a more comprehensive list of names.  I was not to be disappointed.  My search returned a treasure trove of Speedo alternatives, most from a great new blog I discovered – .  These guys built a list of shit so funny it had my mom rolling on the ground laughing.  I’ve now added a few new clutch Speedo names to my vocabulary like the always appropriate “Nantucket Nad Bucket”, the “Portuguese Pud Purse”, and the classic “Daytona Dong Sarong”.  This is just the beginning, enjoy the full list from the geniuses over at!

  • Marble Sack
  • Banana Hammock
  • Grape Smuggler
  • Australian Dick Sticker
  • Nut Hut
  • Boner Suit
  • Scrote Tote
  • Nantucket Nad Bucket
  • Sausage Sling
  • Portuguese Pud Purse
  • Ouch Pouch
  • Cock Sock
  • Peach Pit Papoose
  • Ballbushka
  • Lolly Catcher
  • Daytona Dong Sarong
  • Sperm Tourniquet
  • Nugget-Hug-It
  • Brazilian Ball Bag
  • Manberry Pudding Pack
  • Miami Meat Tent
  • Saint-Tropez Truffle Duffle
  • Bratwurst Bath Cap
  • Pickle Pincher

The full post can be found here:

Got some better ones to add?  Post em in the comments!

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