Dave Just Drive

My favorite pop-punk videos from the early 2ks.  These really bring back great memories of some of my favorite music and best times in my life. 1.  One of my favorite Saves the Day songs and videos –… Read More

Car Town!

Ian Grist heard you did some serious expansion 3:20 PM Casey James Cress you need to set your eyes on my new flooring 3:20 PM come by the shop for a cold one real quick 3:20 PM Ian… Read More

Leo Laporte vs. Mike Arrington

Leo Laporte is normally the nicest, mellow guy ever, but I just saw this interview w/ Mike Arrington (who’s know for being an asshole) and Leo gets pretty heated when he questions his motives.  Really, who would accuse… Read More

Creative Names for the Most Abused Bathing Suit – The Banana Hammock

Don’t ask me how I got on the topic of creative alternative names for Speedo’s with my parents tonight, but we had a damn good laugh thinking of great names for the things.  After accusing my brother of… Read More

Grists Have Fought in Every Major War…

If you have talked to me for more than 5 minutes, there is no doubt you have heard the stories of how Grist’s have fought in every major war and have single-handedly won a few.  While some of… Read More