Route 66 Road Trip

My parents are on a trip through the midwest and my dad has sent me a couple pictures from along the way.  They left almost 2 weeks ago to go out to my dads parent’s house in Jenks, Oklahoma, to help my grandparents start packing up stuff so they could move to a smaller, more manageable community.  Then they headed up to Wichita, Kansas to visit with my moms parents, and see other family for the 4th.  But the best part of all this is the awesome shots that my dad sent me from cruising along route 66.  Some of the bizarre, random shit that you can only see along that classic stretch of highway that connects our great country is stuff you won’t see anywhere else.  The largest ball of yarn in the world, the “mystery spot”, even those huge dinosaurs that are featured in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – there is so much to see on that drive that everyone has to do it at least once in a lifetime.  I have dreams of someday driving 66 with my hot rod and my girl, but I’m still working on both to get them to the point where they will make it without overheating :mrgreen: .  Some day!

Anyway, here are some awesome shots of random sights from my Dad.  My favorite is the Cadillac Ranch in Texas – I’ve seen pictures of this for years, and they always pop up on the HAMB every now and then too.  Would really like to see this in person at some point, because I love anything that has to do with classic caddy’s.  Something about those huge fins on a ’59 that I just really love!  Enjoy!

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