A Memorable Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day, I know I did.  Got together with some of the old D-Street Krew when J-bi sent out an email inviting everyone over to his parents pad in El Cajon.  They have a huge spread up in Crest with tons of room, a huge pool, spa, bbq…everything necessary for a good cookout.  I picked up some Coors Light and cruised over there with Evan, Cass, Jess, Montana, Timi, Sambo, and Kaner and we spent the day in the sun and in the pool.  It was pretty low key and fun to just have a few beers and burgers, and not do much of anything.


Then it got a bit more interesting…we headed home around 7 to find a note on the front door letting us know that there was a car that rolled down their driveway above our backyard and crashed through our fence.  It turns out their housekeeper had parked her Jeep up in their driveway and forgot to set the e-brake.  It rolled down their driveway, and down through our yard and broke through the fence!  Unfortunately it had already been pulled out (took 2 tow trucks to pull it up!) by the time we got back, so all I could get a picture of was our smashed fence, and the note on the door.  Apparently our neighbor got some shots of it, so hopefully I can get them and post them.  We’ll see when the fence gets fixed! haha

On another note, a big thanks to anyone involved in military service.  Being in SD we have a ton of military around, and its good to take a day to appreciate them.   Just today we got to see our good buddy Lucas who just returned from 7 months in Afghanistan with the Marines.  Glad he made it home safe, and thanks to everyone for their service!

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