2010 – First River Trip

Got out to the river for the first time this year last weekend to kick off the summer.  Headed out with Jess, Evan, Cass, Kjo, Dylan, Lina, and Ron.  Kev brought out his boat too, and we spent all weekend partying on the water and wakeboarding.  It was great!

I finally got a chance to do some serious towing with my new truck, and it handled the boat and trailer perfectly.  I think its weighing in around 6,000 pounds almost.  I got the F-150 FX4 thats rated for 10,500 lbs with the highest rated tow package.  It’s got the largest brake rotors and lowest geared transmission of any F-150 so it can tow shit no problem.  Gas mileage is another story…but I didn’t get that truck to conserve gas.  I wanted a badass 4×4 and I got it. haha

Anyway, here are a bunch of shots from the river.  Luckily Jess brought her camera and actually used it.  I always bring mine but never end up taking any pictures with it, so its good that someone actually does!

Once we got the boat out on the water, it became apparent that its about time for the throttle and steering cables to be replaced.  I think they are too far gone where lubing them again is going to be much of an improvement.  We can thank salt water for that.  God damn it.  I hate being so close to the bay that its just convenient to use the boat in salt, but it just ruins everything.  Since San V closed its really the only alternative since El Cap sucks ass, but i think we will just start hitting the river more often since I bought the $75 annual pass for Squaw lake and it works at any of those campgrounds all around it.  There is a reservoir on the other side of squaw that I want to go camp at next time since its always empty and the water looks beautiful.  The Senator Wash Reservoir in the shot below:
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So we’ll see when we can get out there next, hopefully sometime in early June.  It gets pretty hot by the end of June/July so its better early.

I’m in DC on business for the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds conference until Saturday, so I’ll post an update later about whats going on out here.  seeeeya

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