I recently got hooked on Lucero, a rad band from Memphis.  Evan apparently checked them out when he was on business is Indy, and these guys seriously rock.  Since I’ve started listening to them, I’ve  been so stoked on the music, the lyrics, and the amount of rock and roll they pack into their songs.  Really, truly good music through and through of the sort I haven’t heard in years.  Some of the stuff they write really hits me…I’d really recommend checking out their stuff.  One of my favorites:

“Can’t Feel a Thing”
Bastard from the start but a charming one at that
Bad reputation but I really ain’t that bad
It’s alright, I can’t feel a thing
Beauty from the city dolled up in a dress of gold
I like them high heels but she won’t wear them no more
It’s alright, I can’t feel a thing

She’s nothing short of perfect as she’s falling to the ground
Nothing short of Armageddon is gonna slow her down
Nothing short of dying’s gonna bring me any peace
But I ain’t really worried, cause I can’t feel a thing

Got so much to tell her but the words seem to get lost
Bottles empty and I can’t complete the call
It’s alright, I can’t feel a thing
She ain’t on the phone and she ain’t on the way
And all the messages keep going up in flames
It’s alright, I can’t feel a thing

It’s shit like this that I can relate to and sometimes think was written about me.  Who doesn’t get that sort of feeling when they hear a song sometimes?  I guess that’s what music is all about, and I guess that’s the reason why its always been such a part of my life.  Although I’ve never been a songwriter, I started playing bass because I like what it requires of me.  Its the basis of music, the foundation that a song can’t exist without, and even though I can’t write songs completely on my own, I like to think that the part I contribute is just as important as any words or guitar solos…  We played a show at 4th & B on Weds night, and I had just flown in from Florida around 8.  We played at 11, and since i was still on Eastern time, I was a mess.  Needless to say, I think it was the worst show we have ever played, but still fun nonetheless.  I guess that’s what is important, keeping in mind that its just for fun.

On another note, I started watching the miniseries The Pacific on HBO.  This show is great, I got really hooked on Band of Brothers, and this is just as good.  I was going to say even better, but I honestly think that Band of Brothers was slightly better.  The story in this is just not really connecting you with the characters like Band of Brothers did, but it is still really good regardless.

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