Hot Rod Girl

Just had a great weekend hanging out with my parents and family in town.  Last night I watched the raddest movie with my parents and my Aunt from Kansas, and Evan and Cass.  HOT ROD GIRL.  A movie… Read More

One Step Ahead

One step ahead of that hangman’s noose Gonna take ‘em all with ya when they come for you Where ya gonna be when the hammer comes down? Can you outshoot the Devil? Outrun his hounds? Ain’t nothing to… Read More

New ISLE Wakesurfer

Met up with my buddy Dave who is the new West Coast rep for ISLE wakesurfers and got one of their new rides to demo.  Can’t wait for a nice day to get out on the water and… Read More

A Nice Ride and a Dropped Chief

Had a great last night and day today.  Last night I picked up some 3″ lowering blocks from Autozone for $29.99 and installed them on the chief.  Turned out pretty rad, but didn’t quite get the drop I… Read More

Quote Me

Is it that fuckin’ wierd to drive hot rods, love rock n roll music, smoke cigarettes, drink booze, and live with a general disregard for the well being of yourself and others? Apparently some people think so… I… Read More

Let’s get rocked

A little Led Zep makes a Friday go faster! Heading to the desert for a rip tomorrow then El Cap for a Sunday sesh if the weather holds. Have a good weekend!

Ian Fights A Ninja

A 1986 Kawasaki ZX-600 Ninja to be exact.  I picked up this bad boy last week for $1,100!  Its in decent shape, although I didn’t get the chance to look too carefully at it before deciding to purchase,… Read More