Its no secret my passion and dedication to the fountain of rock that is 1980’s hair metal.  You would have to just have stumbled across Tech and Tonic to not know that I worship the ground that Motley Crue walks on.  Well, I have discovered another gem of face-melting guitar solos, nut busting lyrics, and ridiculous black magic special effects.  It seems the deeper I dig, the more obscure yet badass rock anthems I unearth, kind of like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom where he finds the golden idol and then pulls out the bag of sand and then weighs it a couple times to estimate the proper weight so he can switch it out but then it is still wrong and he goes running out of the temple with the huge boulder rolling after him.  Well, actually nothing like that.  But still… after recently pumping my fist to BALLS TO THE WALL by Accept, I somehow came across ALL WE ARE by Warlock.  This is a chick-fronted elite delta force of rockers who make no excuse for dishing out sweet guitar solos and wicked hooks.  These guys rock so hard, they couldn’t wait for their bus to arrive at whatever their intended destination was.  Upon hitting traffic, they fuckin unload all their amps and gear and play a god damned concert in a tunnel!  I guess when you have a sweet jam inside you just burning to get out, it doesn’t matter where you are.  Try this one on for size…


HOOOOooo I bet you didn’t expect that shit did ya.  I know I didn’t.

On another note, its raining and cold.  This has been a perfect way for me to justify laying in bed all day and watching movies, and playing Xbox.  I finally figured out how to mod my box w/ the newest iXtreme 1.61 so I can play the wave 4 backups of my games ;).   Let me tell, you this is rad.  Not to mention, the new AvP game is so badass.  I remember playing the first AvP game years ago, and you have the motion tracker just beeping in the corner, scaring the shit out of you as you are just a lone colonial space marine up against insurmountable odds  and multiple xenomorphs.  Try playing this shit in the dark, I guarantee you can’t do it.  Or maybe I’m just a pussy.

And now RAMBO 2 is on tv – never trust Colonel Troutman!  I’m never getting out of bed today.

Hope everyone’s rainy day is going as good as mine is.  😎

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