Its no secret my passion and dedication to the fountain of rock that is 1980’s hair metal.  You would have to just have stumbled across Tech and Tonic to not know that I worship the ground that Motley… Read More

Dying To Wake at Pure Platinum

Pics from the show last night:

Android WordPress App

I can now post from my phone. Efficiently. This rocks!

Gettin Chicks

Take this to heart.

Twitter Can’t Handle the Super Bowl

Tried to log on to Twitter and got this.  You’d think they would be anticipating a huge volume of traffic today, but apparently weren’t prepared enough!

The Beast Tutor

My buddy from AKPsi and from college posted this pic on Facebook the other day.  Although it probably won’t seem funny to anyone now, in our classroom for a Database class we took, someone kept writing their phone… Read More