AFE Power Install on my 2009 F-150

Thanks to my good buddy Jason, I got to take my truck up to AFE Power in Corona to have all their aftermarket parts installed.  Jason is an editor for Street Trucks magazine, and AFE Power is one of their advertisers, and Stree Trucks wanted to do a tech article on their intake and exhaust system on the 2009 F-150.  Since Jason knew I recently got a new one, he hooked me up with them to do the article.  I spent the day up in Corona having it installed, and dynoed before and after.

They installed their Stage 2 package which consists of the intake, filter, and throttle body spacer.  46-33002

Justin at AFE installed the Throttle Body Spacer first which was a pretty quick and easy process.  You basically just unbolt the stock air box and pipe.  It takes about 5 minutes and probably 4 bolts.  Then on to the intake, which is basically taking the top off the stock airbox and remove the filter, and then replacing it with the new gear. 54-11623

This combo will basically add 14 hp and 23 lb ft of torque.  Pretty noticeable too!

Next he pulled off the stock exhaust (cat-back) which is all bolt-on.  I didn’t realize that most newer trucks are all apparently bolt on exhaust systems stock.  It took about 30 minutes to unbolt all the stock stuff and get the new gear on.  The only real modifications necessary were to cut the main pipe provided to size (I believe we cut about 6” off it), which varies depending on the wheelbase of your truck.  The only other necessary mod was bending the heat shield around the spare tire in a bit so it doesn’t vibrate against the exhaust pipe.  This may be just on the 4×4 models since they have larger spare tires.


Here are some pics of the actual install, and I’ll post all the others once Jason sends them over to me.  I’ll have the official dyno stats up soon too, I’m interested to see what it actually gained with this stuff, but I’m really excited about getting better mileage.  We’ll see though.

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