Why Does Everyone Think Starting Their Own Photography Business is a Good Idea?

Someone commented on this the other day to me, and then I began to realize that it was true with people I know as well.  I can’t remember who was saying it to me, but a friend was commenting on why everyone was suddenly starting their own photography businesses.  Its suddenly as popular as twitter, all of these people (mostly women for some reason) are starting to take pictures and starting their own “businesses” and it cracks me up.  Maybe its just an excuse for them to justify the purchase of a trendy new Macbook, and the SLR camera they all just have to have, but it really provides me a source of comedy to no end.

Now, I hope no one is reading this and think I’m talking about you specifically, because I’m not trying to offend any amateur photographers here, but seriously, why is this the trendy thing to do right now?  Through careful analysis,  I see that a significant portion of these women seem to start getting into this because they are pregnant, or have friends that are pregnant, so they apparently get into photography to document their wonderful child’s journey through life.  Then, they start branching out and feeling artistic.  I can’t count how many “artistic” pictures of some pregnant chick’s exposed stomach in black and white, sepia, low light, weird angles, carefully placed flowers, strategically angled mirrors, and even integrating their other children in confused and somewhat awkward pictures of the poor child trying to figure out why their mom is suddenly fat.

My amusement has no bounds when I see these people branch out into engagement pictures, and wedding shots.  I can just see the thought process…“Hey, these pregnant shots turned out so great that with all this practice, I bet I could do some awesome wedding pictures!” when really they all turn out to me like the stock photographs that come pre-installed in the picture frames you buy at Target.  Their creativity really peaks when they realize the need a website to hawk their original and groundbreaking photography, so they fire up their macbook and use Apples innovative built-in McWebsite software to crank out a portfolio for them to showcase their awesome work.  I’m laughing as I type this because I really really wish i could post some examples of the shit I’m talking about, except I really just find this all funny and I’m not trying to humiliate or embarrass anyone that actually takes this seriously.  I’m not sure if anyone really reads my blog, so I’m not too concerned about the people I’m thinking of reading this, but its probably safer to just leave my examples to their own homes on the intarweb.

God I can’t stop laughing.  Its literally like Martha Stewart spawned an entire legion of do-it-yourself home craft artists who really take this shit seriously.  Don’t even get me started on that stupid Etsy thing – I probably won’t ever stop laughing if I have to comment on the bored housewifes that spend their time trying to sell recycled crap on some online craft fair swap meet.  Maybe I’m jaded by the fact that I have to work all day to support myself, but the fact that people attempt to make a living selling rocks they glued feathers to in an online auction is absolutely hilarious.  This is not to say that there isn’t some really cool stuff that they produce, I know some people that actually do some cool work on there, but I’d say they are the exception rather than the rule.  (The Regretsy website really clarifies what I’m talking about here).

I’d like to finish this dialogue up with some of the hilarious taglines that our photographers have come up with in order to give us a one-sentence summation of what we can expect from their work….lets laugh together as we enjoy these gems:

  • Love Life.  Have Proof.
  • Capturing Today for Tomorrow
  • A Creative Edge
  • Picture Yourself…Frame Your Life

These are just a few of the funniest ones I could find with a quick search.  Believe me there are plenty more out there.  I sincerely hope you all become professional photographers, but in the mean time I will just enjoy your work – and rest assured that it brightens someone’s day 🙂

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