The Philadelphia Experiment

I’m up in the 909 visiting my parents, and happened to go to my dad’s barber with him this morning, who happened to be the guy who cut my hair when I was growing up.  He’s big into… Read More

AFE Power Install on my 2009 F-150

Thanks to my good buddy Jason, I got to take my truck up to AFE Power in Corona to have all their aftermarket parts installed.  Jason is an editor for Street Trucks magazine, and AFE Power is one… Read More

A Letter From a Grandpa

I received this email a couple years ago, and thought it was pretty damn appropriate: Guess you heard that 68% of the youth vote went to Obama.  My granddaughter called this morning to tell me she was one… Read More

Why Does Everyone Think Starting Their Own Photography Business is a Good Idea?

Someone commented on this the other day to me, and then I began to realize that it was true with people I know as well.  I can’t remember who was saying it to me, but a friend was… Read More

A Day in the Second Life of Daxx Wylder

I can’t really express just how much I love my new job.  As a general rule, I think any profession where you stop yourself multiple times throughout that day and think “Wow, I’m getting paid to do this?”… Read More

Essential Business Skills

Some Essential tips for true business professionals. I use these all the time, which is why I am on the fast track to success in the business world. You can learn a lot by implementing all of these… Read More

Same Old New Year

Man so many things I have been wanting to post about, but just been so busy as usual.  It seems like every couple months I get really stoked on blogging and keep with it for a few days,… Read More