DELL pulled a quick one on me AGAIN!


Found this on slickdeals the other night through my buddy Hawk – ordered 5 of the 500gb drives, cost me $20 w/ shipping.  Figured I could build a pretty decent NAS out of those things even though they are 5400 RPMs. . .  then I end up getting an email today:

Mr. / Ms. Customer:

I am sorry to inform you that Dell has canceled your recent order #992027718 due to a pricing error.  The price shown was incorrect and far below the correct price for that product.
As indicated on our web site, as well as in our catalogs and other advertisements, Dell reserves the right to cancel orders resulting from pricing errors.  Because of the large difference in price, we have not reinstated your order, but we invite you to visit to re-order at the correct price.
We value our relationship with you, and we sincerely regret this error and the resulting inconvenience.  Please be assured that we are working hard to prevent errors such as this in the future and to improve your overall experience with us.
The Dell Customer Care Team.
Damn Them!

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