Weekly Digest for December 29th

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Totes McGoats!


Merry Gristmas

Merry Gristmas to all, and to all a Merry Gristmas! hahaha I had a great day up in the 909 spending time with my family. My grandparents from OK are out visiting, and its great to see them. … Read More

Weekly Digest for December 22nd

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Shit I wrote 2 years ago is still holding true…

I was just looking back at a post I wrote nearly 2 year ago (http://techandtonic.com/2008/04/23/spinning-the-tires/) and kind of reflecting on what has changed since then.  It then dawned on me that nothing has really changed since I wrote… Read More

A Christmas Tree on Twitter

Thanks Lonna! hahahahahaha

Google’s Christmas Gift to the Masses

This seems like a publicity stunt to me.  I’m all for Google donating copious amounts of cash to charity, but did you have to mail everyone with a Google account to let them know that?  I think if… Read More