“Shotgun” Al Dominguez

This is an awesome picture sent to me from one of my best friends.  Its Baingo’s Grandfather, “Shotgun” Al Dominguez.  How Baingo and I got on the topic of Shotgun Al is beyond me, but it somehow came up on Skype the other night that her grandfather was in WWII, more specifically, in Pearl Harbor during the attack.

I don’t know much more about Shotgun other than he was given a Purple Heart for wounds sustained during the attack, and that he is a god damned hero.  Hell, I was the one to name him Shotgun, but the old BA looks like a Shotgun doesn’t he?

I’m trying to find out more history about this great man.  I do know that he had a naked woman tattooed on one arm, and would make it dance for Baingo by flexing his arm.  This is stuff legends are made of.  The picture is of Baingo’s mom and Shotgun Al.  I’m hoping for pictures of the tattoo soon.

I can just imagine Shotgun Al during the attack, a cigar in his mouth as he slams a round home in the dual 50 cal AA gun on the deck of the Arizona, spouting streams of hot lead at the swarms of Japs surrounding the harbor.  Ammo spent, he grabbed a few wounded sailors and pulled them to safety before she went under.

OK, I have no idea what happened, but look at this guy.  Hes a fuckin B.A. and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.


UPDATE: I have it from “Shotgun” Al’s daughter herself that legend has it Shotgun Al fought the Japs on December 7th IN HIS UNDERWEAR!  The attack came whilst he was brushing his teeth, and in his “skivvies” (Als word, not mine) he fought all day!  What a HERO!  This guy is seriously my idol.

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