Project Hot Rod

Since his Duster was sold, Evan picked up a new project yesterday.  We went down to Chula Vista to check out a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief (one year earlier than mine).  It turned out to be in pretty rough condition, but definitely restoreable.  A lot of surface rust, but nothing major in the door panels or normal spots (like mine had!).  It ran great, new brakes, and trans shifted smooth.  This thing was last registered in 1965 and has been non-opped sitting in a field in Valley Center for the last almost 50 years.  It was picked up by these guys at a charity auction, they got it running, then decided to sell it.


We got sidetracked by the opportunity to pick up a 1956 DeSoto Firedome for $2500 with the original (rebuilt!) hemi.  It was badass.  But decided against it since DeSoto/Chrysler parts can be hard to come by.  It fired right up, but needed brakes, and the DeSoto drums apparently had some proprietary tool you need to pull off the drum.  We decided against it as it would be a much harder restoration.

Anyway, the Pontiac had potential, and the original 287 eight was in good shape, so we agreed on $3000.  I bought mine for $3500 and it had much more serious rust issues, so this was a decent deal.  We paid cash, and got AAA on the horn to send a flatbed to pick up our car that had “broken down on a saturday morning drive”.  haha

Note: Don’t tell AAA that you just bought a car and it isn’t driveable.  Apparently that violates your membership as its only for roadside assistance when your car breaks down.  I was in the middle of arguing with a manager about this, when I just hung up, called back and got a new  rep on the line and said my car had broken down while driving.  Problem solved, and in 15 minutes we had it loaded up on a flatbed heading back to the ranch.

Tons of pictures here:

and a few taken from camera phones:

We’ve already pulled the gas tank, cut off the exhaust, and will begin sanding and prepping for paint and body this week. Stay tuned for the fun!

On a side note, I just returned from LA as Anderson, Cam, and I went up to Baingo’s move-in party at her new pad in Marina Del Ray.  It was a hell of a night, and great to see some old friends that I don’t get to see often. Now, I’m extremely hungover, and its all I could do just to get this post up.  I’ll be posting pics from the Short Course race I went to last weekend with Electrosport soon, and some pics from this LA trip.  Good Times!

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