A Great Summer Saturday

0414095548Co-Recruit[1]Today was a day you don’t exactly remember in a month or two, nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary stands out about it, but it just blends in with all the others.  It was a perfect, awesome day, one that I sorely needed.  Cam, Montana, and I woke up at 5:30 and loaded up the boat and headed down to the bay.  We met up with 2 new friends from WakeBoardSD.net who are new in town and were looking for a ride.  The 5 of us cruised out to sail bay and got some awesome glass.

It was my first opportunity to session my new Company Wake Recuit 139 – let me tell you this board is badass!  I’ve never ridden a continuous rocker board, my two Gator boards (which I also love) are 3-stage, so I was stoked to  try this thing out.  Company Wakeboards is the newest on the scene, and these guys got involved with WBSD to get their name out in SoCal.  They sent me the board to demo and check out, and I am really happy with it.  Its pretty smooth on the water, and extremely lightweight.  Definitely much more so than my Gator Gonzalez that I’m used to riding.  This one will be a keeper for sure.

After riding until around 11, the water was pretty chopped up.  Being a Saturday, and the first day of OTL – the bay was pretty crowded.  We pulled the Calabria out of the water and headed home to flush it out and clean it up so it would be ready for a trip to El Cap tomorrow.

Note: its polite and customary to help out cleaning the boat after riding.  There are lots of opinions on this, but its always cool to offer gas money, and to clean the boat.  Personally, I love when people do both, but a lot of times I turn down gas money and am just thankful for people helping to clean.  Also, contrary to popular belief, boats do not run on beer, so the fact that you have provided/brought drinks does not excuse you from offering gas funds if you are so inclined. 

Also, don’t sit in the boat during riding and comment on how all the deebs with super nice wake boats who can’t even ride don’t take care of their boats and maintain/wash them, and the proceed to say “No, I’d rather not” when asked to help clean the boat after riding.  Also note – that if you had to be asked to help clean the boat, this means you didn’t offer to help, and also means that you probably won’t be invited back on said boat.

Notes aside, it was a great morning shredding with some cool people. 

We got the boat back home (without any problem from the F-150’s transmission this time :mrgreen: ) and then washed it up.  Cam picked up a 30 box of CL’s so we drank em and washed the boat and enjoyed the awesome weather.  A unanimous decision was then made to head down to Fred’s in Old Town for some margaritas.  Evan, Montana, Moto, and I headed down there and had a great lunch and finished off quite a few Cadillac Margaritas, met Joe the bartender who looked green as he was hungover from partying the night before and then had to serve us drinks for a couple hours.  haha

Got home, passed out for a couple hours, woke up around 6 and just chilled out on the couch with my buddies.  We ended up watching a decent copy of the Hangover and laughed our asses off.  Just turned that off a few minutes ago, and now I’m heading to bed for another early morning.  We’re heading out to El Cap for the day as KJo just got back in town from a week in DC, and we’re taking out my friend Lisa, and a bunch of ppl from the WBSD crew (Spinnin Steve, Dennis, maybe Kelli).  Should be a couple of WBSD boats out there, and no doubt it will be a great day with some cool people.

I need more days and weekends like this.  Plain, simple, drama free.  I need to spend more time with good people who enjoy my company and whose company I enjoy.  Its good that even though the D Street crew split up, we all still spend quite a bit of time with each other, and continue to have the good times we always have had.

I’m out for some sleep, and I’ll try to get some pics tomorrow.

Oh – a few nerd thoughts before I go. 

  • I downloaded Boxee – this thing rocks.  Pulls in video from all the awesome social video sharing/networking sites.  I’m still figuring the thing out, but I watched a quick episode of the original transformers cartoon streamed from Joost, and I’m hooked.  I made a list of some old shows I wanted to look up and watch that I’m going to track down tomorrow (Thundercats, Battletech/Mechwarrior, ExoSquad!)
  • Windows 7 is working pretty well on my desktop, I pre-ordered my Home Premium upgrade from Amazon for the $49.99 deal – although I noticed when typing (in wordpress for example) in firefox, the text entry lags hard core.  Its almost unbearable to type a wordpress post – deleting and typing just is so slow, I’m trying to figure out whats causing it.
  • Prototype is AWESOME.  Got it for PC, have been thinking about getting it on Xbox as I’m just not much of a PC Gamer anymore.  I recommend checking it out!


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