Words of Advice From A Wise Man


Was talking with a great friend of mine today, who commented:

i liked you thing on the blog saying someone else will come along when you least expect it. totally true

He also having suffered a recently deteriorated relationship, we had a lot in common to discuss regarding our recent heartbreaks.  Both of us being somewhat depressed, we were talking about ways to avoid the negativity and feeling sorry for yourself that typically follows a breakup.

I got some advice the other day about just doing something you wouldnt normally do, something outside of your comfort zone. and it will give you something interesting in your life, along with meeting new people.

So I asked what he had been doing outside his comfort zone, to get out there and meet new people:

 hiking a bunch, bike riding, going for random walks. hanging out with people i havent seen in a while and meeting their friends. going out a bunch more, and i am going to take these free classes at REI that take you out to cool places to hike around here. i guess if i was going to find a girl who likes to hike, that would be where i would find it

This gave me an opportunity to think.  I’m not out to get into another relationship, nor am I attempting to meet anyone specific, I just think its a good opportunity for me to get outside of the normalcy that I’ve developed in my day-to-day life as of late.  I got the band going, we’re playing pretty frequently…I realized that quite a few people were coming up to talk to me after our shows, and I haven’t been making much of an effort to get to know the people that seem to enjoy our music.  This is a great way to meet like minded people with similar interests, so I’m definitely going to take full advantage of it.

Not to mention, some big things are in the works with WakeBoardSD.net, and now that my shoulder is healed, I’m going to get back into riding as often as possible.  I realize that I can’t just feel sorry for myself about the negative shit that has happened lately.  So what if I’m low on cash and had to borrow money to fix the truck I got screwed on – this should just motivate me to work harder and earn the money to pay it back.  I’m sitting on opportunity, and lately I’ve let things get me down – I’ve lost some of my drive that I had to succeed…

well I’m not going to let that happen any longer. 

My depression never really lasts too long because I just get bored of feeling like shit and realize that no one is going to motivate me but myself.  Its time to get back in the action, get back involved 100% in the things that I love, and make things work for me.  (Although it really doesn’t hurt to have some of the great friends that I have.  Thanks for the motivational talks, Bingo!)

I’ll be playing a concert thursday night, then wakeboarding all weekend, and in the meantime – working my ass off to earn some $. 

Don’t get in my way!

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