An Interesting 4th To Say the Least

Ian in the HOB Green Room

Ian in the HOB Green Room

Before I can get to the events that transpired on the 4th of July, a quick note about the awesome time we had on Thursday.  My band was playing at the San Diego House of Blues on Thursday, at it turned out to be a pretty good show.  Since we weren’t getting paid, they gave us about 150 tickets for us to sell, but we just gave them all out to our friends.  It was a good idea, because people were stoked to be able to go to the HOB for free, so we drew a pretty decent crowd.  I’ve been playing in bands for a long time, but never had an opportunity to play at a real venue like the House of Blues, so this was kind of fulfilling a goal I’ve had my entire life.  I remember in high school always wanting to play at the Glass House, and thinking that you’ve made it once you play a show at a real venue like that.  Well, now I’ve finally done it, and I have to say its pretty damn sweet playing somewhere with a real, professional sound system and a legitimate sound guy.  It was great!


Now, on to the 4th…

Cam and Adam volunteered to throw the party this year, so they geared up for a bbq at our old house, and we all headed over there around 1.  A keg of Bud Light was ready to rock in the kegerator, and I picked up a huge bottle of Jager to add to the festivities.  Things started off great, we were drinking, partying, and having a great time.  Most of the originaly D Street crew was there, and we doing it up just like we used to.  Thats when things started to get a bit out of control.

I enjoy a cigarette every now and then, and I had an agreement with my (then) girlfriend that I wouldn’t smoke in front of her.  I went out front with some friends and was smoking one.  Next thing I know, she had snuck out front to catch me smoking.  Despite our agreement that it wouldn’t be a problem as long as I didn’t do it in front of her, she blew up at me.  Said she was going to walk to PB, which I knew was a bad idea and I didn’t want her to attempt to drive anywhere, so I gave her a ride back to my house.   She had got so drunk so fast that once back at my house, she went insane. Screaming at me, standing in the middle of the street yelling “FUCK YOU, I HATE YOU” for all of my neighbors to hear.  I started calling her friends, her sister, trying to get someone over to help who she would listen to.  Finally, her friend Anthony came by to help, and told me to leave so the situation wouldn’t escalate any further.  He ended up dropping her off at home, and came back to the party later.

I was pretty upset and strongly reconsidering the future of our relationship at this point, after all this was not the first time there has been an incident like this.  Not to mention her actions completely embarrassed me in front of all of my friends and neighbors.  But it was when I returned home to find this:


That I really began to realize that this is not a very healthy relationship.  I don’t know what I do to cause these situations, and now theres another day spent fighting instead of enjoying ourselves.  All I know for sure is that I’ve given up on this completely, and I’m done with relationships.  I’m going to concentrate on work, going back for my MBA in september, and focus on my band.  I’m sure I’ll meet people when I least expect it.

Hope your 4th was better than mine was!

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