Evan and Ian Sell a Truck, Hilarity Ensues

TrucknBoatWe put our ’04 F150 extended cab long bed up for sale since its just way too long with the boat and our driveway.  We are selling it to get another truck with just a regular size bed that will have a better turning radius.  The response off CL has been insane, so many people want this truck…apparently long beds are hard to come by.  We weren’t exactly ready to get rid of the truck immediately since we still needed it to move some equipment and take the boat out to the lake on sunday.  Some guy had cash and wanted it NOW, Evan told him that it wouldn’t be available until monday, so he emailed Evan this morning with a poorly spelled but nonetheless hilarious message:


Looks lije you don’t want to sell your truck……

I don’t recall ever, when i was selling a car, having the customer with the cash at hand, and playing hardball like a god dam’n moron with my hand out… waiting to get paid !!!!!

Sounds like an idiot’s scam…..

to which Evan replied:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the great email.
I apologize, I left my phone at work yesterday, and did not have it with me last night at all.
I saw the missed calls from you, and just got your message.
I was about to call you back, explain what happened, and see if you wanted to pick the truck up this weekend, but I decided to check my email first.

Thanks to your email, I’ll pass on that.
Surprisingly, at the low price I had the truck posted, you’re not the only one that called on it. You were next in line to look at it, but I don’t appreciate getting this kind of message at 8:30 in the morning.
Thanks, but I’ll just call the next person, the truck will be sold this weekend.

I’m no scammer, and this is no scam, I’m selling a nice truck for a killer price, just not to you.



I am very sorry for that mail Evan, I was drunk and angry, because some guy on craigslist send me a check on the mail wich was a fraud, and yesterday I had the money in my pocket all day to buy your truck. So again my apologies for hat email.

HAHAHAHAHahahahhaHAHaHaHaHahahaaha~!!!  Classic!

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