Pics from Dying To Wake at U31 Last Night

We played our first show at U31 in Northpark last night, and rocked the fuck out of the place!  We drew a pretty decent size crowd, and got a bit of a mosh pit going halfway through our set.  Although at the end of it someone fell into the stage, knocking the power plug out of Bo’s pedal board, thereby unplugging his guitar and we finished the last song sans lead guitar. haha

We got great feedback from the people there, and the promoter was stoked on us and already booked us at the Ken Club on July 9th.  We’re playing tomorrow night at JT’s too – so be sure to come and check that out!  Some chick was videotaping the entire thing…I don’t know who she is or how to find her, but I’d like to get a copy of it somehow.

Check out some pics:

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