The Compound

In the long span of time since I got my 5th wind and redid this damn thing, a lot has happened.  Primarily, Evan and I moved to a sick new pad.  Still in Bay Park enjoying our badass bay view, but with more room for all of our toys.  We found a huge 4bd 3 bath house with a huge 2 car garage, long driveway, and boat parking!  Couldn’t ask for more, especially in Bay Park – the best part of SD with that killer view!


Since Adam and Cam decided to stay in the old pad, we moved over here and found 2 new room mates.  Mark is an ex-Navy project manager for a ship repair contractor in Chula Vista, and “Montana” (Tyler) is a fresh graduate from college in Montana, just moved out here to be a Construction Engineer for Archer Western, a local construction company.  Both cool guys, very different personalities, but rounds out the crew at the house perfectly.  They are just as stoked on the house as we are, and everyone has been motivated to pitch in and work on all sorts of improvements.

Last weekend, we did what we have been wanting to do for years – put in a spa at the house!  We found an old beater on CL, rented a uhaul flatbed trailer, and headed out to Santee to load up our new jacuzzi.  She’s a little rough around the edges, but with some work, she’s “purring like a kitten in a clock factory” (Evan).


I’m sure we’re going to be kicking ourselves in the ass once we receive our next electric bill, seeing as how ours is already $250 last month BEFORE the spa!  It’s going to be an expensive summer, but I’d say its worth it.  Theres nothing better than chilling out in the spa enjoying the sunset, and throwing a few horseshoes in the custom made pit we built!


Slowly, but surely, the backyard is coming together.  We put in a fire pit, and it doesn’t need much work to be in great shape to provide us with an excellent party spot for the summer!

On another note, Evan picked me up Electrosport’s Premium HID sealed beam conversion kit for the star chief (Look forward to an in-depth post on the step-by-step install next!) and we installed them yesterday.  Those motherfuckers are bright!  Definitely not legal, but hey – neither is my exhaust!  What kind of cop is going to pull over such a sweet ride anyway (except for Kjo maybe?)…

Here are a couple of shots for the install to get your mouth watering, and a few of the garage too.  BTW – we have built the perfect man-cave.  A real mans garage.  A friend of Evan’s gave us a brand new Lincoln Electric MIG welder a couple weeks ago, so we have been learning to weld, plus Montana hand builds longboard skateboards, so we set up a full on woodworking bench for all that, not to mention our huge workbench, wall mounted wakeboard racks, moto-workshop, and room for 2 hot rods!  Enjoy!

Oh – almost forgot to mention.  Evan and I started jamming with a new band again – DYING TO WAKE – and are launching this project with 2 shows this week!  Check the site (link above) and come enjoy the show!

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