T&T, 5.0

Tech and Tonic went through its 5th face lift yesterday.  After 2 1/2 years of writing on this stupid thing, its finally got a design I really like.  I went through all sorts of crap with ads, selling shit, link sharing, but now its just back to basics.  There was never any profit in this, so I’m back to just posting my own random shit here.

On to more interesting things:

I was reading the new XCKD today, and it was a pretty good one.  It got me started on reading the Wiki entry about the Voynich Manuscript.  Wow this thing is interesting!  Forget the stupid Da Vinci code movies – I want someone to crack this code.  It really got me thinking whether it was an elaborate hoax, or really a code that no one has found a way to break.  Pretty damn interesting.

In other news, i finally began testing Windows 7, downloaded the RC and installed it on my laptop last night.  Initial impressions: wow this is exactly the same as Vista.  I’ll have to F around with it for a while to see if there are any real differences (apparently its supposed to be much faster on slower hardware) – I’m running it on a less than a year old HP laptop, so it should scream.  We’ll see.

Evan picked me up a set of Electrosport’s Premium HID Lights, so we’ll be installing those this weekend and blogging about them, both on here and on the Electrosport site.  He installed a pair of them on his 73 duster and they are super bright!  Can’t wait to see what they look like on the Chief.  I’ve been sick all week, so the old girl hasn’t seen much love.

We installed a spa in the Compound.  I’ll throw some pictures of it up soon.  Our electric bill is through the roof, but there’s something badass about coming home from work and being able to relax in the spa in your backyard!

More news to come!

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