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My 1956 Pontiac Star Chief was featured on Suede & Chrome, one of the best hot rod blogs out there.  Scruffy, who runs the site is a great guy, and a real hot rodder.  He’s out in the midwest, and keeps us updated with all the shows and events that us West Coast guys can’t get to .  I wrote him a letter because I loved his site, and we ended up emailing back and forth for a while, and then he wrote up a post about my ride.

Check out the write up he did HERE.

Here is his article:

MAN! I love it when I hear from readers. Let’s just say it ‘makes my day’ to hear that folks are finding some enjoyment in reading about ‘what’s in my head’. :) Today, I’ve posted one such letter. Thanks Ian! I hope that by posting this, folks will check out the album of pictures of your AWESOME Pontiac (we all know we will be seeing fewer Pontaics now that GM has announced their fate!), and check out the kool websites you’ve built.

Hey Scruffy,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say how awesome I think your blog is. I’ve been reading it for years, its one of the first things I check when I get online in the morning, and always keeps me interested and entertained throughout my day at work.

I was introduced to your site through my buddy Jesse, who runs Just A Car Guy (http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/ ) [Scruffy says, “This is a great site”!] and told me about your site when I was looking for some pictures of scalloped cars to get ideas for painting my ‘56 star chief. I found a ton of scalloped stuff on your site, which I gave to my buddies over at San Diego Rod N Custom (http://www.sandiegorodandcustom.com/ – I built their website) for ideas when they painted it.

I’ve been meaning to email you and show you some pictures of the finished product, after all – your site gave me the ideas for the paint job! [Scruffy says, “I am truly humbled….your Pontiac looks GREAT!] I know you were thinking of scalloping your 1950 Chevy, so this might give you some ideas now. Feel free to post any pictures on your site if you are interested, I have it documented throughout my process, from the original car when I got it, through all the bodywork that was done to remove a ton of rust, through the paint job, and the finished product. [Scruffy says, “Readers…you’ve got to check out Ian’s album which documents the “build”…you can see it at: http://picasaweb.google.com/icgrist/1956PontiacStarChief# ]

Also, thought maybe you could post up about a new San Diego online community that my brother and I have been working on – Hot Rod SD. Its a local San Diego community for Hot Rodders, kind of like a local HAMB, where people can get together, talk cars, and meet up. I run a web and graphic design company (Redline Designworks – http://www.redlinedesignworks.net/
) with my twin brother here in San Diego, and we are always looking for new ways to get people involved in the things that we love! (He has a ‘64 Plymouth Barracuda too!)
[Scruffy says, “You can view Ian and his brother’s online community at: http://www.hotrodsd.com/ ]

Its a work in progress, but its coming along.

Anyway, hope things are going well for ya, keep up the good work!

Ian Grist

Scruffy’s Response:

Wow! Thanks for the email and the kind words….and how incredibly kool is it that you credit my blog with the design of the sik scallops on your sweet Pontiac…I am truly honored.

Your letter is a great example of why I started my blog in the first place. To share my interest in traditional hotrods, to share ideas, and to meet some great people along the way.

I had a brief opportunity to check out the website you built for SD Rod and Custom. All I can say is “wicked”! GREAT WORK! I really enjoy messing around with my blog and would love to be able build sites for folks. Everything I know about the computer (as well as cars) is pretty much self-taught. Just jump right in and “get at it.”

Again, it is truly an honor to get some “kudos” from a “West Coast” guy. It’s great to think that the Internet allows global exposure to a lot of Midwestern events and cars that would most likely be overlooked by most publications.

The pictures of your Pontiac have actually got me thinking in a WHOLE new direction concerning scallops on the Nifty Fifty. I’ve got some scratches and paint issues in several locations that I’d like to fix. I’ve also got a set of fender skirts that I’ve been wondering how to color match…(also don’t like the color of my new sunvisor). I REALLY like your flat black/green scheme. Maybe the answer for the Nifty Fifty is a reverse mask. I like the custom blue color of the ‘50, but the blue/creme scheme just doesn’t have that “kool” factor. Maybe creating a mask that leaves some blue scallops and creates “fields” of flat black is the answer. Thanks for making me “think outside the box”.

Have a GREAT week!

Kirby “Scruffy”

p.s…still dreamin’ about takin’ a trip out your way some day via Route 66. Old rod or bobber, either way, the trip would be worth bloggin’ about!

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