I took some buddies from work up by the new house during lunch today.  We checked out the house for a bit, then jumped in my truck to head out and grab something to eat.  Peter, Johnny and I get in, and I turn the truck on and put it in reverse.  I notice the shifter feels pretty sloppy, so I put in neutral, then back into reverse.  It feels like its not quite going in to gear, so I’m thinking great, now I’m going to have to have my trans checked out.  Next thing I know, the shifter comes loose in my hand.  The shifter literally snapped off at the transmission.  There isn’t even a nub left to shift it with, it sheared clean off right where it comes out of the trans.

So now we are stranded at an empty house…so we push my truck into the garage, and luckily got ahold of Matt to come pick us up and give us a ride back to work.  So now I have no truck, my ’56 is still in the shop (2 months later…don’t even get me started on that one), Evan’s truck and Barracuda are broken and he’s driving the F150.  I have no transportation, and AAMCO is closed on weekends.  I won’t be able to get my truck working until monday at the earliest. 

I’m sure this was just due to wear, since I added the 2″ body lift back in 2003, I had to add an extension to the shifter to make it extend high enough above the transmission since the body was now 2″ higher.  This additional length probably put more force on the shifter, and caused it to snap.  I’m just glad it didn’t happen while I was on the freeway or anything, at least it was just in the driveway.

So now, in addition to the cost of moving, I’ve got to fix my truck…


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