The Closest Pics From The Shuttle Launch You Will Ever See

My dad just sent me these pics, that his friend’s son (A pilot for American) took from 37,000 feet  – one of the closest planes to the launch at Cape Canaveral!  You won’t see these pics any where else!

This week, by coincidence. I happened to be one of the closest aircraft to Cape Canaveral during the Shuttle launch (we we directly over Orlando.)  The camera makes it look further away than we actually were.  We could actually see the Shuttle itself with the naked eye (at 37,000ft.)  It was one of the most spectacular views and colors we had ever seen.  We made an announcement just before the launch and the flight attendant said people were almost sitting on strangers laps looking out the windows.

The first picture was of the actual launch.  You can see the coast next to the flames.  On the 3rd picture you can see the reflection on the water.

Check these out:

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