Sweet – A New Hoodie

A good friend of mine from High School, we’ll call her by her nickname – Boa, always is posting pictures and stuff on her blog about the clothes she makes.  The stuff she has put together is totally awesome, she’s always got some crazy new design, and even makes stuff for her kids.  I got the idea in my head that I wanted an original Boa creation, so I left her a comment on her blog, and she wrote back and said she would make me one!

I can only imagine what she will dream up, but no doubt it will be bad ass!

In other breaking news on my life, I’m still waiting on the Chief to get done at Kenyon Machine over in PB. They are going through the brakes, replacing the front drums, checking out the hydraulic booster, fixing a couple oil leaks, and the exhaust leak (probably resurfacing the manifold, its probably warped).  I really want to get it back ASAP as its been over a month, and I’ve never had my damn car around long enough to just cruise and enjoy it for a while.  I guess I’m the type that’s never satisfied, and I have come across some good trade deals in getting it fixed, so might as well do it while the economy is down and I can trade my skills and services for those that other people possess.

I picked up an engine dress up kit for that Pontiac 316, so I’m excited to throw some new chrome valve covers on that bitch, as well as a new summit racing tach and a tri-gauge set (oil/water/charge)  Its going to be sick.  Don’t ask me why I deem it necessary to install a tach on a cruiser with a tired 316 and an automatic  trans, because, god damn it, I want one!  It changes colors too.  Badass.

I heard on the radio that the Mikey Show (Rock 105.3FM) that I listen to every morning is having a contest next weds (the 11th) where they want anyone with a sweet, loud ride to head up to their studio at 8am for a contest.  Whoever has the loudest car will win tickets to the premier and after party of the new Fast and Furious movie up in LA, plus a limo there and back.  With my Poncho running straight lake pipes, its the loudest damn car there is.  I’m going to try and go up there and uncap the pipes and blow them away.  This thing is slick.

Looking forward to a 3 day Mexico cruise with Evan, Moto Cam, and Kjo – leaving next thurs.  We’re going down to Ensenada to make some bad decisions.  more to come on that report – if there is anything appropriate to publish at all. ; )

I’m getting some insane traffic #s again – looks like stumbleupon is blowing up my 86 Rules of Boozing post yet again – I wish someone would read my current posts, but I don’t think they are all that interesting I guess.

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