Wedding Pics


I went up to Upland for the weekend because a friend of mine who I grew up with was getting married.  Danielle has been with Jason for almost 5 years I think, and they finally got married.  She is a year younger than Evan and I, and she has an older brother, Dustin. The 4 of us spent quite a bit of time together as we were growing up since our parents were good friends since before any of us were born.  Her husband, Jason seems like a really cool guy, and I’m glad they are going to have a good life together.

She introduced Evan and I to Jason by saying “I used to take baths with these guys when I was 2 years old” – he replied by saying “Thats great, but I’ll be in a bathtub with her tonight”.  Hahaha…it was a slightly awkward but pretty funny way of being introduced to someone.  We ended up getting pretty blasted, and since I was alone and didn’t have a date as usual, I danced with my mom quite a bit.  It was still fun, I love hanging out with my parents, and I got pretty sauced with my dad, ended up back home smoking cigars late last night.

It does seem like I always end up single and alone and having to go to things like this tagging along with Evan and Jamie, as they are going on 4 years together.  A wedding was the last place I really felt like going, after being broken up with by Danielle, it was just kind of weird.  Everyone is there with a date and I just kind of felt out of place, since everyone was there with someone.  I met a nice couple (Danielle’s older cousin, Shawn and his wife), and after talking about cars with Shawn for an hour, started talking to his wife, who apparently Jamie had told I was recently single.  We were both pretty drunk by that point, and she told me that I was a really good looking guy, with a great attitude, funny, outgoing, and interesting.  She said she couldn’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to be with me, as all the interesting things I am involved with (cars, websites, motorcycles, boats…etc).  It just made me think, how does someone I just meet and talk to for an hour draw all these conclusions and think I’m a great guy, when I can’t be in a relationship for a year and keep someone interested in me and thinking all of those things?

I just don’t have the motivation to go through another year of a relationship just to find out that it won’t work out and have to start all over again.  It looks like I’ll be going to weddings alone again for quite a while.

Here are some pictures from the wedding:

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