I took some buddies from work up by the new house during lunch today.  We checked out the house for a bit, then jumped in my truck to head out and grab something to eat.  Peter, Johnny and… Read More

The Riot Before’s New Video: We Are Wild Stallions

The Riot Before’s new music video is out – “We Are Wild Stallions”.  This shit rocks.  I played bass in this band with Brett the singer/guitar player from ’02 – ’04.  Actually, he was in Better Off Alone… Read More

Harold, Kumar, and GDub

Gotta Love This:

Some @ssshole off StumbleUpon Hates T&T

I received this message from my contact form today: Your Name Justin Email Website Message Your website fucking sucks. Stop submitting it to StumbleUpon you dumb fuck. No one cares what you’re playing/reading or your stupid… Read More

Thanks Obama What an idiot.   Liberals thought Gdub made us the laughing stock of the world.  This idiot took us above and beyond.

The Closest Pics From The Shuttle Launch You Will Ever See

My dad just sent me these pics, that his friend’s son (A pilot for American) took from 37,000 feet  – one of the closest planes to the launch at Cape Canaveral!  You won’t see these pics any where… Read More


Let me begin the recounting of this tale with a brief synopsis written by Kjo.  Nothing better sums up the 2.5 day/3 night shitshow that myself, Moto, Evan, and Kjo embarked on last weekend.  God forgive us for… Read More