A Chopped ’56 Star Chief

Was browsing around for cool cars like I normally do, and looked around for some shots ofcustomized star chiefs.  Since I think I’m restoring a fairly rare car, its interesting to see what other people have done with them.  I came across this heavily modified and chopped ’56 Star Chief.  Gave me some ideas for possible mods to my ride down the line.  I don’t like the looks of super heavily chopped cars, sometimes they go so far overboard you can’t see through the mail-slit window – but these guys seemed to do a pretty good job getting it right.  What do you think?

They did some pretty cool stuff with the bumpers painted black.  I know guys typically go with stripping the chrome from these things, but the cool thing about the Star Chief is the dual chrome strips running down the hood.  One of the few things that sets them apart from the ’56 Bel Air.

Check out the attached .pdf file from the ebay auction when this thing was sold.  They got rid of it for $4k!  Damn – that chop alone probably would have cost a couple grand to have done, and its got a decent engine in it too.

(Click on the link below to open the .pdf)


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