Life in Pictures

Sometimes instead of writing a long post explaining about the shit I have been up to lately, i realized that I have a bunch of random pictures which show more about my life than the paragraph I could write to describe it.  Click on any of the thumbnails to launch it in a lightbox window:

sunset You can see how rough it has been having to deal
with these beautiful sunsets every night.  Took
this from the backyard the other night.
engine Worked out a deal building a new website for Kenyon
, a local machine shop in PB who is going to
be working on my car – fixing the brakes (just ordered
new drums for the front – $99 each from Kantor in NJ),
as well as redoing the front suspension and fixing the
oil and trans leaks.
kenyonmachinelogo The logo I designed for Kenyone Machine.  They have
been in business for over 50 years, but still don’t
really have a set logo for the company, so I was
playing around with this one using a rod and piston
to be the I and O in the name.  Pretty Cool? I think so.
dadkubar My dad hating on K State when we were over at the
Kansas City BBQ – didn’t know it had already reopened
after it burnt down 6 months ago.  Good news is they
managed to salvage the Top Gun piano!
chiefonracks My Chief up on the lift at Kenyon Machine.  He had
pulled off all the tires and drums to check out the brakes
turns out the front drums were worn way beyond
tolerance.  Any more wear and there would have been
an accident!  They had either been turned so many times
or just never checked or maintained.
dani Dani, taken on my phone.  The most beautiful girl in the
world.  My Girl.
pontiacwarehouse909 The warehouse in Upland where my ’56 had been sitting.
Right down the street from my parents house. What are
the chances the car I find in San Diego turns out to be
waiting for me right down the street from where I grew up!
hotrod An old hot rod roadster that is always parked in PB.  This
thing is sweet!  Love those scallops…you don’t see them
enough in my opinion.
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