I found this on Group Hug

I am compulsively attracted to miners. I hear it’s against the law to sleep with them, that there’s even a television show about catching predators who try to sleep with miners, but I can’t stop myself. I think about miners all day and night. When and if I see a miner, I have trouble holding myself back from saying something horrible that I shouldn’t. But why should I feel so guilty? I don’t understand why we must stay away from miners.

and couldn’t help but write the following response:

“If you ever read Group Hug – you know you see hilarious posts like this all the time. Why is this guy so attracted to Miners? Is it because of their hats with lights on them, or the fact that they work in caves? There is a show about catching predators who try to sleep with miners? I figured a miner would sleep with just about anybody – after being in a mine all day, they are probably looking for a good time. And why is he having to hold himself back from saying horrible things to miners? I’m pretty sure they use pretty vulgar language down in that mine…It would be hard to make a miner blush, or to see him blush with all the coal dust on his face.

I don’t necessarily think he should stay away from miners or feel guilty, but he may have a hard time trying to find a miner nowadays…I just don’t think there is that much mining going on.

Good Luck pal.”

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