Seems like I blog about the Chief a lot lately, but its my big project going on right now.  Finally got it back – the window shop finished sealing the front and back windshield, and the small rear side windows.  All the chrome trim is back on the windows as well.  The new white walls are mounted, and the side pipes are installed.  Its running exhaust dumped straight out of the manifold to the pipes – no mufflers.  I didn’t really intend for it to be this way, since I had a brand new set of flowmaster 40’s already installed, but I didn’t really specify the way I wanted it set up to the guys at SDRC,and just assumed they would split the exhaust so I could uncap the pipes and run them straight, or cap them and use the flowmasters.

I love the sound, but its so loud that I may be getting a fix-it ticket if a PO’ed cop hears me drive by.  Its definitely way louder than the legal limit!  When I get a ticket, I’ll just take it down to Bob Napolitano and have him throw the flowmasters back on and split the pipes.  Pretty much whats left is to put on all the chrome trim still missing, reinstall the door panels and handles, make some seat covers out of some mexican blankets.  Few things here and there, but this thing is ready to roll.  I got some sick crossbar hubcaps with a primered black background that matches the paint.  Its so badass!

Funny how girls don’t really understand cars.  Dani is always saying that I care more about my car than her, etc… but every girl I’ve ever met has been that way.  I have had a lot of old cars over the years, and I have loved them all.  But I grew up working on cars with my dad, and his attitude has always been about keeping the car stock.  I’ve never really done something custom like I have wanted, and this car was finally my chance.  It is wild, built like a classic hot rod straight out of the 50’s, and its exactly what I want!  I was getting kind of stressed when my plans for the car weren’t working out exactly the way I wanted, and Dani didn’t understand why it bothered me, she thought “its just a car”, but I guess to me, its not just a car.  Its way more than that.  It has years and years of history, its a reminder of a completely different time, different way of life, and one that I really appreciate.

don’t worry, pretty soon the excitement will wear off and I can blog about something else 🙂

From 1956 Pontiac Star Chief

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