Some New SD Blogger Friends

I was digging through my traffic stats this morning (Thank God for Stumbleupon, tons of people are finding my blog through a couple old posts that were pretty heavily stumbled, and it seems that some people stick around to see what I have to say), and noticed a bit of traffic coming from  They have an SD Bloggers section that shows a feed of latest posts from SD Blogs, and mine shows up on there quite a bit.  I didn’t even know I was listed on there – so thanks guys!  I have a feeling this is coming from the same people that run the SD Bloggers site.  They do events and stuff, but I am yet to attend one.  Maybe its because I don’t really consider myself a hard-core blogger.  This site has always really been just a place to store my bullshit, although I always have cool ideas for things I’d like to do with it, I’m lucky if I can just keep it updated regularly!

Anyway, back on topic.  I was looking through their feed of recent SD blogger posts, and found a few other local blogs that seem pretty cool.  I have been running my blog for over 2 years now, but really don’t think I have any regular readers, let alone anyone who comments.  My traffic is good, but sporadic and coming from all over the place, so I  don’t think anyone really finds much relevance to my postings here, but its really not my goal to do anything with this site other than write some stupid shit.

Regardless, I added all these other SD blogs to my google reader, so maybe if you are someone in SD – you can check these out and find some other interesting local blogs like I just discovered.  Maybe even they will read mine!  Maybe… 🙂

And maybe a few current events:

Got home from the 909 last night, and had a bit of time to finally get stuff settled around the house. Evan and I picked up a Crafstman toolbox from Sears – $269 for the 3 piece set. Finally we’ll be able to keep shit organized.  Seems like whenever we tear apart a car or something we lose at least 5 tools.  Now we have a place to keep all the stuff.

Christmas was awesome, spent a lot of time with my family and grandparents out from OK.  Dani came up for a couple days, we did a bit of snowboarding, went to dinner, watched some movies.  It was great.  I’m taking on weds and fri, and have thurs off already, so will enjoy another good 5 day weekend, hoping to get up to big bear on friday for some really good boarding.  Other than that, my real goal is to get the Star Chief pieced back together by the end of the weekend.  Hoping those new white walls I bought will get here soon so SDRC can get them mounted and I can cruise this bitch in style!

Hope you had a great holiday!  I’m out.

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