Christmas Pontiac

Finally picked up the Star Cheif last night fromSDRC.  Let me just say that this thing is unbelievable.  It is a completely 100% show quality paint job.  The time and detail spent on it just blows me away.  The scallops, paint (green metalflake), and  the attention to detail with the pinstriping is just so badass I can’t believe its my car!

I got it home kind of late last night, and with the impending rain, I just covered it.  Since I’ll probably be home after dark today to, I don’t know if I’ll get any pics of it.  It really needs to be seen in sunlight to do the paint job justice.    When light catches the metallic green it shines like nothing I’ve ever seen.  If I have time, I’ll get some shots today and post them up ASAP.

I posted some pre-finish shots of the car during paint over on the Jalopy Journal, and they have been met with some pretty positive responses.  Everyone who has seen it is stoked on the paint job.

Now, I just need the white walls I bought to get in (hopefully early next week), then get the car over to SDRC to mount the tires, throw on some new hub caps, and then to the window shop to finish sealing the rear window and install the moulding clips on the front windshield. 

Also, the interior is going to need quite a bit of work, the headliner has been removed, and quite a bit of the chrome has been stripped for paint.  Since I took off next weds, I plan on using Dani’s garage to finish installing the door panels, handles, hood and body chrome, and cleaning up the interior.  After that, it should be ready to roll.

I’ve got a ton of big plans for this ride in the future, but for now, I’m just going to drive the shit out of it!

Heading up to the 909 tonight for the Holidays with the family, grandparents are out from Oklahoma, so it should be a great time.  I’m looking forward to a couple days off (!), then back to work M and T next week, then off weds thru sunday again for new years and some good times, and hopefully getting all the work finished up on the Chief.

Merry Christmas – I’ll be posting soon! 😆

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